Meet the Editor-in-Chief: Caroline Steudle


Caroline Steudle is a third-year senior at ASMS, currently in her third year writing for Firewire and second year as editor-in-chief. Her writing experience includes plenty of Firewire articles, essays, short stories, poems, songs, an unpublished novel, and half of a musical. She was an editor for Laura McNeill’s novels, Pie

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Meet the Staff Co-Editor: Sara Devine


Sara Devine, a senior, has loved reading for as long as she can remember, but it was a creative writing class freshman year that sparked her interest in writing. This is her second year writing for Firewire but first year as co-editor of the newspaper. She loves reading, striped shirts,

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Meet the Staff Co-Editor: Maria Echols


Maria Echols, a third-year senior, has always held a passion for reading of other worlds, real and fictional. Her love for writing, however, did not begin until she heard of an opening on the school newspaper staff for the sports column. Although the position had already been filled, she stayed

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Meet the Staff Secretary: Hanna Bobinger


Hanna Bobinger, a senior, has been writing for FireWire since she arrived at ASMS last year. This is her first year on the staff as secretary of FireWire. Her favorite writing styles include creative writing, novels, soft news stories, and poems. Hanna has loved reading for as long as she

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Meet the Advice Columnist: Jediael Fraser


Jediael Shaphir Fraser is a second-year senior who loves writing. Besides boasting a vibrant vernacular with a painful propensity for annoying alliteration, Jediael’s talents include sounding pretentious and speaking in the third person. Though he plans to pursue a career in computer science, part of Jediael’s heart also belongs to

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