Fall Geekfest


By: Joshua Buchi
Geekfest is held every term, even though its time during the term varies. A running marathon from 10:00 PM Friday night to 4:00 AM Saturday morning, Bedsole is filled with plenty of activities, from movies to gaming to huge Just Dance mobs. The opportunity is presented to make

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Student Wakes Up During Second Period and Doesn’t Realize it’s Saturday


By Donovan Hughes
This past weekend, a student stumbled into consciousness entirely unaware of her surroundings. She let the cool of the morning overtake her for a moment. The feeling of not being in a class writing down notes calmed her mind. She slowly got out of bed and took a

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Mesa: A Language-Enriching Experience


By: Sophie Sebastiani
Every Friday at lunch, Spain comes to the Alabama School of Math and Science. It arrives in the form of “Mesa” (meaning table), which is a gathering reserved for students to only speak Spanish.
According to Vic Corob, the Vice President of the ASMS Spanish Honor Society, the Mesa

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Ask Firewire #5: Trapped


So uh… a while ago, my roommate and I re-arranged our room.  It was quite late (about 2:30 am) and I guess that hindered our logic a little bit, but long story short I’m trapped inside of my wardrobe. 
The opening is pushed up against the wall, and the desk, which we

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Boo Bash: An ASMS Tradition


By Jasmine Rabon
That time of year is upon us once more:  the leaves are turning colors, the weather is moderately cooler during some parts of the day, and finals are upon us. But even more important than the appearance of sweater weather and of our certain deaths due to exams,

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