The Breadless Side of ASMS


By Alex White
The average student at ASMS can find bread quite easily at ASMS. Sometimes, it may seem like bread can be found everywhere. But, contrary to popular belief, this is not really the case. In fact, after careful reflection, I realized there are a few select places on campus

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Lady Dragons’ Victory over Williamson Lions


By Caroline Steudle
The ASMS Lady Dragons recently played the Williamson High School Lions in their fourth game of the season. The team won all three games for an overwhelming victory.
The home game started at 4:30 in the ASMS gym, and the turnout was impressive, with parents, students, faculty, and even ASMS’s

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Students Nearly Get Out of Class


By Donovan Hughes
Early in the morning, in the hall outside the first period class, one could only hear the excited chirping of students as the clock struck 8:01 a.m.
“Maybe she’s not here,” said one excited incoming, “there’s no way she’s showing up this late.”
The thrilled students sat

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Sophomore Trip


By Katherine Carraway
The sophomore class trip to New Orleans happened last Saturday, September 17. The day kicked off with a swamp tour and ended with dinner at Mulate’s.
Students were required to meet at the buses at the crack of dawn (read: 6:45 am), which no one seemed particularly excited about,

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Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Whitney


By Jasmine Rabon
The position of Director of Student Services at ASMS has recently been filled by Mrs. Kara Whitney, who, upon learning about the open position, immediately jumped to apply for it. Mrs. Whitney first heard about the school itself while working as a dorm adviser at the University of

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