What to do when on Room Restriction

by Katherine Carraway
Here’s a fun fact for all of you: I get sick a lot.
If you don’t know me, this might be news to you, but my combination of seasonal allergies, forgetting to take allergy medication, and a rather weak immune system all add up to the fact that I

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Five Movies to Put You in The Christmas Spirit

By Ben Cogar
If you are not already in the Christmas spirit, watching even ten minutes of some of these movies will definitely have you singing jingle bells and dreaming of presents all day. Movies are a great source of entertainment and emotional connections with people, and Christmas makes movies even

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Winter Formal: A Beginner’s Guide

By Sophie Sebastiani
As Winter Formal quickly approaches, the amount of frenzy and stress that often accompany the event increase enormously. This article is your go-to source on how to handle the preparations for Winter Formal without breaking out in hives every time you think of those two words.
Tip #1: Don’t

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The Seven Best Things About Fall

By Grace Lanier
The season may have only just begun, but it’s been in our hearts all year long.
The Weather
It may take Mobile a while to get the memo, but things will start cooling down in the next month or two. Get ready to throw on a sweater and jeans without

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Eleven Shows to Keep an Eye On This Fall

By Grace Lanier
Even if you’d rather do homework than keep up with these air dates, you can always binge them over fall break!
BoJack Horseman
The fourth season of this darkly humorous Netflix original show is coming online this Friday, September 8th. Fun challenge: Try to watch the first three seasons in

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Effects of Sleep Deprivation

By Shannon Regan
Here at ASMS, very few of us actually get enough sleep, and it has slowly become a running joke among most of us about how sleep deprived we really are. Our collective lack of sleep, however, is extremely bad for our health. Here are some of the things

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What to Binge Over Christmas Break

By Shannon Regan
Christmas break is coming up soon, and we all know what that means: eating, sleeping, and binging all your favorite shows, podcasts, and books. However, some of you might be in a bit of a rut. That’s okay – we’ve got you covered. If you don’t know how

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How to: Halloween Decorations

By Sara Devine
With Halloween fast approaching, many of you are probably wondering, “How can I get even more into the Halloween sprit?” Well, it’s actually quite simple. You just need your dorm room door, anything and everything spoopy that you can find, and to follow these few simple steps.
Step 1:

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10 Things that ASMS Students Hate

By Jasmine Rabon
1. Being halfway back to campus when it starts to rain.

2. When the weight of all of your textbooks combined could crush you.

3. When you have more homework than you could feasibly do in twenty-four hours.

4. Getting locked out of your room when the only place you went

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10 Ways to Recover from the ACT

By Maria Echols
1. Congratulate Yourself

Even if you don’t feel like you did well, knowing that you woke up before 7 a.m. and still managed to complete that 4 hour mental marathon is an achievement all on its own.
2. Get some rest!

7 a.m. … 4 hours of nothing but testing… GET

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Releasing Stress Through Sidewalk Chalk

By Shannon Regan
Another sidewalk chalk event was held in the cul-de-sac on Labor Day. This time, I went. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the event, but I was pleasantly surprised by my experience.
When I got there, I was greeted with various chalks, bubbles, and 80s R&B.

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You Know You’re an ASMS Student When…

By Maria Echols
Someone asks you to do any simple math after taking so many advanced math courses.

When you try to make friends.

You wake up 5 minutes before class.

When you forgot you had a quiz today.

You lose your keys.

You hear that there is free food in the Coffee House.

Your first period

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If ASMS Students Had a Time Turner

By Amanda Peterson
For most people that see this title and immediately click the link, they don’t need an explanation of what a time turner is. But for those of you who don’t know, a time turner is a device used for time travel in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of

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What to Watch if you Aren’t in Classes

By Maria Echols
Let’s go ahead and admit it: we all considered skipping class this past Saturday and just staying in our rooms to watch Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. I’m here today to give you some ideas of what you might have watched if you weren’t stuck in classes on Saturday.


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20 Frequently Asked Questions by Seniors

By Amanda Peterson

    How many days until graduation?
    How many days until Didney Worl?
    It’s 1 AM already?
    Do these PJs look acceptable enough to wear to class?
    Do you think Dr. Quintana will lecture for the whole two hours?
    Did you see insert name of any alumnae’s snapchat story?

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