Student Spotlight: Kimberly Chieh

By Jake Bowden


Kimberly Chieh is a third-year senior who has made the most of her time here at ASMS. She is involved in many extracurricular activities, including the Student Government Association, Science Olympiad, and the National Honor Society. Kimberly is from Mobile and previously attended Davidson High School and was in the IB Program, which is a small group of people who take separate, more advanced classes than the rest of the school. She says that this was strange because popularity essentially does not exist at ASMS and she also mentioned the crazy things that went on at her old school, such as fights and drug deals. She came to ASMS not necessarily because of the academics, although it did play a role, but mainly because of the community and atmosphere that ASMS offers. She admires that she is able to be much closer to her friends here than at her old school. One factor in influencing her to come to ASMS was her sister and her experience here as a student.


Some of her favorite classes include Genetics with Dr. Ortell. Kimberly also enjoyed her American Literature I class her junior year because of the cool people also in the class with her. She says that one of her favorite teachers is Dr. Ortell because of the way she teaches her classes and the enthusiasm she shows towards her students.


Kimberly is also in the ASMS internship program, which she very much enjoys. She is currently interning at the USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the pharmacy department. Before she could begin her internship, she was required to become a certified pharmacy tech, which she says was a relatively simple process. In a project she recently completed, she had to make a list of drug combinations and their reactions. She just started on another project in which she is cataloging different kinds of drugs which are supposed to be dangerous to pregnant women or women expecting.


Kimberly plans on becoming a clinical pharmacist but also wants to take this a step further. She wants to combine pharmacy and hospital medicine with epidemiology and disease study. She wants to someday work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Outside of class, Kimberly enjoys hanging out with her friends and has a burning passion for shopping. She also loves to eat, although she isn’t too fond of cooking. One of the people whom she looks up to is Zendaya. Kimberly says that she is pretty cool and nice.


When asked what it was like to score a perfect 36 on the ACT, she says the whole process was very crazy. When she took the test, she took it at the school as it was the required Junior ACT. She thinks that the positive vibes from her classmates and friends helped her to accomplish the feat, which only 0.136% of all people who take this exam do. She felt confident in almost every answer she put down. She still doesn’t know where she would like to attend college or what specific major she wants to pursue, although she will certainly excel at whatever she does.

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