What is ASMS Day?

By Jalexis Edwards

ASMS Day, formerly known as Preview Day, is a way for perspective students to experience what ASMS is like. Leanne Jeong, a current ASMS senior, said, “The purpose of ASMS Day is to give students from all over the state an opportunity to reach their full potential at a school where we learn how to become more responsible and mature. Also, ASMS kids have the chance to display their knowledge and leadership skills that they have honed at the school on ASMS Day.” With this goal in mind, the administration works extremely hard from the beginning of the school year to the day before the event to make sure ASMS Day is perfect. All of this hard work can be seen daily, but is especially apparent on the day of.

After my first time experiencing ASMS Day, I remember confidently thinking… I’m definitely going there. This is a reaction student ambassadors and administration hope perspective students will have before they leave. Throughout the day, students who are considering going to ASMS from different counties in Alabama are taken on a tour around the school in small groups. Each tour has a group leader, a returning junior or senior, who leads them through the school. These student ambassadors do their best to answer any questions parents or prospective students may have. From questions about dorm life to questions about what classes are offered at ASMS, these student ambassadors know it all, and if they don’t know, they are sure to find out the right answer to inform whomever is asking. Students and parents have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the day as they tour different sections of the school. They are shown subjects such as computer science, chemistry, foreign languages, history, art courses, and many more, all while having the chance to meet teachers from the different sections. Each department shares what makes them unique and an important part of the ASMS community. At the end of ASMS Day, guests are treated to music by ASMS’s very own jazz band while having a nice lunch in the courtyard. The day ends on the same high note it started on, with hopefully more students wanting to experience ASMS’s academics, physical education classes, and creative electives.

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