Review of Open Mic Night

Review of Open Mic Night

By: Janell Oliver

Singing. Rapping. Dancing. The first night of December had it all. Why? Because it was Open Mic Night of course! What is Open Mic Night you ask? Well, as Joe Fields puts it, “It’s an opportunity for people to be funny and or show off talents no one knew they had.” So now that we are all on the same page, let’s take a look at what all went down. To get a full picture of the whole night, I’ll start from before the acts.

If you didn’t attend Open Mic Night you missed out on some sweet treats, metaphorically and literally. Since it’s the holiday season there was hot chocolate and candy canes to compliment the event (and to any adults who may read this, of course we didn’t consume them in the auditorium). I asked Laura Van Winkle, one of the people who helped run Open Mic Night, about her experience of doing so: “It was really fun to be able to run what went on behind the scenes because I had a better appreciation for Open Mic Night. It was also really stressful getting the setting completed and having to check with all the performers before the event.” Her stress is very much understood. Along with all that, right before everything started, the fire alarm went off. It was pretty cold, causing the sad students to huddle up for warmth. It wasn’t too bad though since we were only outside for a few minutes. After we were all back inside, the moment we had all been waiting for soon began.

To start us off was Rebecca “Becca” McLendon with “Rap God” by Eminem. She surprised us all with her rapping abilities, especially when she was able to keep up at the part where Eminem raps really fast. Some of the other acts were:

  • Tevin Roberts and Noah Park singing “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen
  • Matthew Summers rapping original songs
  • Joshua Buchi’s dramatic reading of “Mans Not Hot” by Big Shaq
  • Scott Simpson, “Episode 6 of ‘Scotty Reads Letters’
  • Lyndsey Plymon and Abby Commerford singing an improvised song
  • Members of the girls’ basketball team singing, and dancing to, “The 12 Days of Christmas”
  • Thad Warren, um, dancing, to “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira
  • Lyberti Bradley singing “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald

All of the acts were unique and brought something different to the table. For some opinions, I asked 3 people what their favorite acts were. Michael Jones answered with “My favorite acts were Elicia [Osigwe] and Sophie [Sebastiani] because they’re great friends; Adian [Lobel’s] was also lit because of the entire dance and musical elements. I loved the fire alarm too. Overall fun time.” Joe Fields and Devin Wood seem to also agree with him. About Elicia Osigwe, Joe says, and I quote “SHE HAS AN AMAZING VOICE.” Also having her favorite act be “The Sentient Butters”, Devin Wood says “Aidan’s was my favorite because he’s the only Jewish student (I know of) at this school and he got up there with Valerie [Flynn], Salena [Braye-Bulls], Allan [Zhu], Lilly [Anderson], Kiana [Boyd] and Will [Weaver], and started singing The Dreidel Song and it was a 10/10.” Being a favorite among the people I spoke to, I asked Elicia Osigwe about her experience performing. She explains how at first she was really nervous, but then everything came into place when it was time to perform. Here are some of her words: “I know it sounds cliche but that feeling when you’re up on stage and everyone is looking at you, listening, hanging on to every note, you somehow find the courage to go on and I did. I finally work[ed] up the courage to look out at all the faces in the crowd. When I see all of these bright lights from people supporting me, giving me the courage I needed to belt out that note in the bridge that I’d been practicing and soon the song was over and applause was just kind of the cherry on top.”

Open Mic Night was a great experience. If you made the mistake of not attending, you’ll have another chance next term.

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