Winter Formal: A Beginner’s Guide

By Sophie Sebastiani

As Winter Formal quickly approaches, the amount of frenzy and stress that often accompany the event increase enormously. This article is your go-to source on how to handle the preparations for Winter Formal without breaking out in hives every time you think of those two words.

Tip #1: Don’t Stress About the Dress (or Other Formal Attire)

If there is one thing I can tell you, please don’t stress about not having the dress (or suit) that you want. Really, the only thing good about a super cute dress is the pictures you will take in it before the dance. When you get to the event, it will be dark. Plus, if you spend the entire time dancing like I do, then it really won’t matter what you are wearing because it will just end up being a piece of sweaty cloth that you will immediately throw on the floor after you get back.

However, if you really are worried you don’t have a dress, there will be plenty of mall runs (to Bel Air Mall, Eastern Shore Shopping Center, etc.), tuxedo rental shops (for you guys), and thrift store runs for every possible item of formal attire that you can imagine. And if you can’t find anything at any of those places, ask to borrow a dress. Plenty of ASMS kids will be more than happy to lend to something to wear, they might even be selling something!

When looking for a dress, however, make sure you wear a shorter dress. Last year some of my friends wore long dresses and spent the entire night having to avoid people stepping on them.


Tip #2: Dress to Impress… the Weather

On the same topic of clothing, we should talk about how cold it will be. If the recent snow didn’t convince you, Winter Formal won’t feel like a day at the beach. The trip on an icy bus, and the outdoor area at Winter Formal will be freezing! You might even find an icicle growing off your nose at the end of the night.

But seriously, dress for the occasion. My advice is to wear a huge coat over whatever you are wearing and then shed it when you are dancing.


Tip #3: Eat Before You Go

Although there will be food at the event, do not expect a meal. I made that mistake last year, and I was starving halfway through the night. I definitely recommend going to dinner and then possibly eating a light snack right before you leave for the dance. There will also be food runs throughout the evening.


Tip #4: Be Sure to Hydrate

Following the food tip, hydration is key. Passing out at a school dance because you are dehydrated isn’t fun. My tip is to bring a bottle of water¬†since they might not have water. Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed, go into the bathroom and chill for a minute. Usually, there aren’t that many people in the bathroom during the middle of the dance, and it is way quieter there!


Tip #5: Don’t Worry About Not Having a Date

If you are worried about not receiving one of the many (pretty cool) Winter Formal proposals, don’t be! Sure, it is really fun to go to the dance with that special someone, but if you haven’t found that person yet: don’t freak out! Going to the dance with a group of friends or even by yourself is just as fun as going with a certain person. Maybe at your old school, it was weird to show up at a dance by yourself, but here, it really isn’t. And, to be honest, you are going to be transported on a bus with a lot of other kids, so will you really be going by yourself?


Tip #6: Have Fun!

A lot of you may be unsure of yourselves in settings like dances. And it is true, it’s not the most normal environment. However, there is no need to worry! If you are worried that you look dumb when you dance, don’t because everyone looks dumb when they dance. That’s the fun of it. And if you really don’t want to dance, you can sit outside and just chat with your friends. But however you spend the night at Winter Formal, just make sure you are having fun!

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