Totally Injustice League

Totally Injustice League

By Ben Cogar

I am terribly sorry to the people who live by this new slew of D.C. movies, but let’s get real for a second. The new Justice League movie did a incredible injustice to this new movie series. The lackluster acting matched with poor plot development made for a well deserved score of 40% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Let us start with the characters. The development of these characters in their movies, and the new members of the franchise, were sadly left in the dirt for new, weird, and frankly confusing story lines. The war between Batman and Superman was almost forgotten, even though it was a huge part of the series leading up to the movie. Wonder Woman and The Flash (Barry Allen), however, were fresh and exciting. They at least helped the struggling movie get to its feet, even if it was only to be shoved to the ground by a very lackluster plot.

Let me just say that in my opinion, this plot was the worst developed in the franchise. The bad guy came back after years of exile to form the three mother boxes and destroy the world. It was not the most original plot, and it sadly did not make a great movie. Taking over thirty minutes to get the story on track (after the disasters of Batman Vs. Superman), we are left with a very long movie filled to the brim with confusing, conflicting story line, and too many plot holes. Why didn’t any of the Atlantians or the Amazons help? Were they too busy training, or in too much awe of the power of Justice League?

Brian Hernandez says, “Justice league really let me down, and I’m sad that I spent money on it”.

Let me just say that I hope I never have to watch this movie again, and I hope that in the next couple of movies, the directors can collect the pieces of what was once a promising franchise and make at the very least something reasonable out of it. Thank you for reading, and I will definitely be sticking to Marvel from now on.

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