2017 Parent’s Day

By Cady Inabinett

Despite the freezing cold rain and the just generally gloomy weather, this past Friday’s Parent’s Day was a huge success. Parents from all over the state braved the inclimate weather, including snow in some parts of the state, to meet their child’s teachers and see what exactly goes on here at ASMS.

Parents had the opportunity to talk to teachers; asking them questions and finally getting to place faces to the names they hear their children so passively mention. In a way, they get to experience what day to day life on campus is like for their child. This is a chance that many parents couldn’t pass up.

As parents milled in, I had the chance to speak to David Nelson, the father of Julia Nelson. When asked why he came out to Parent’s Day he replied, “It’s nice to find out what on Earth is going on around here.”

Many parents shared similar sentiments. My own parents were very pleased to finally get to meet my teachers and get a feeling for what I’m learning in each of my classes. It’s a chance to, in a way, pseudo-experience what students here at ASMS experience everyday. Well, minus the homework and cafeteria meals. But still, it stands for something in parent’s minds.

But beyond just the parents’ perspectives, student’s had varying opinions on Parent’s Day. Many non-local students whose parents were coming into town for the day were excited to get to see their family. Others were less than thrilled about the incoming interrogation of their lives, dreading the questions about friends and habits, along with the general embarrassment that parents tend to impart sometimes.

With another Parent’s Day in the books, life at ASMS will continue to churn on, however, many more parent’s minds will be content when they ask their children about classes and are able to conjure a clearer picture about what their kid is talking about.

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