The Catalyst: Volume VI, Issue I

By Katherine Carraway

Have you ever wondered about ASMS in the past? Back when girls were allowed in the boy’s dorm’s lobby and we printed actual paper copies of the school newspaper? Wonder no more because a school newspaper from 1997 has fallen into my hands.

Or rather, last year someone dropped a notebook in a small crevice and I was enlisted to retrieve it. I reached my tiny arms into darkness and emerged with a glimpse into the past, or more specifically, October 1997.

The general way we approach the school newspaper has changed dramatically since ’97, majorly due to the fact we’ve switched from print to an online publication. We’ve switched from The Catalyst to Firewire, and the publication is no longer sponsored by Domino’s.

The largest difference however, seems to be the freedom students had with their writing. It freely mentions PDA in the boy’s lobby (at this time, first floor of boy’s dorm was also connected to several classrooms and the counselor’s offices) as well as several other more “taboo” subjects.

“I think it’s really cool that the paper was allowed to have so much freedom. It seems a lot more laid-back compared to now,” said Scott Simpson.

A specific article, “ASMS, an Atmosphere of Maturity” criticized drama between ASMS students. Bri Balasky pointed out that this still applies, “But we seem to be a little more tolerant of each other now.”

The newspaper definitely shows its age, lamenting Princess Diana’s age and listing Boys II Men’s “4 Seasons of Loneliness” as a hot single. But being able to take a peek into the daily lives of past ASMS students makes me feel more connected to them. This school is an experience, and no matter how much it may change over the years, I am still able to connect to a school newspaper that was published twenty years ago.

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