Wakanda Forever

By Ben Cogar

Black Panther has basically taken over the world by continuing to break box office records and leading a new cultural revolution. The story surrounds T’Challa (AKA The Black Panther) and his rise to being a king after his father dies and leaves him the throne. He faces the wants and needs of his people, while still trying to protect the world from evils beyond his kingdoms walls. Along the way, an evil tribemate (Erik Killmonger) comes back to try and take the throne from T’Challa, because he wants the valuable element Vibranium hidden in Wakanda. The Black Panther has to fight for his throne, protect his country, and keep the secret of Wakanda from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. While certain plot holes and character misjudgments take place, the plot of the movie is very well done and certainly a great one to watch.

Plot: 9/10

Black Panther has led a cultural revolution and has finally broken free from typical movie labels. Hollywood has been accused of whitewashing their movies, but Black Panther has an all African American main cast. The movie also shows strong African roots and historical accuracy due to the fictional Wakanda’s location in the middle of Africa. With people coming out in the thousands to watch this movie, a whole new audience gets to experience African culture and to learn about Africa’s rich and long history. This could also be a reason for the immense amount of success the movie has had at box offices around the world.

Cultural Accuracy: 10/10

Okay, now to the commercial and critical successes. As we probably all know and expected, Black Panther release resulted in a storm of amazing reviews and a heck of a lot of money pouring in from all directions. Black Panther is the highest rated Marvel movie, narrowly beating out Thor Ragnarok. The audience generally had glowing reviews of the film as well. The commercial success (as stated numerous times in all of the previous paragraphs) is also mind-blowing. The budget for this movie was absolutely shattered by the money generated at the box office, which is really, really great news for investors and producers. The money put into the movie was very wisely spent, and the producers and editors did an amazing job with every aspect of the movie.

$$$$$: 10/10

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m definitely watching this movie over and over again. I’m also super pumped about Infinity War which comes out on April 27. However, Black Panther has set the bar pretty high for any upcoming Marvel movies, and here’s to hoping that Infinity Wars will meet it.

Overall Rating: 9.9/10

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