The Last Open Mic Night Ever

By Buddy Haas

Well, only for some of us was this the last Open Mic Night. Around 7:15pm last Friday on Bedsole lawn, the SGA kicked off its last open mic night of the year. The chilled breeze, warm food, soft lighting, and extraordinary performances made for an exciting and memorable night. Some audience members even brought a couch to enhance their experience.

This open mic night has already reserved a seat in many people’s hearts. The beauty and oddness of the night left the crowd with an unforgettable experience. While there were some spectacular voices, the acts went far beyond singing. Here are most of the acts:

  • Nathan Amos plays a mash-up of the top songs of 2017 on the piano.
  • Buddy Haas attempts “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the violin.
  • Thad Warren dances sensually.
  • Elicia Osigwe sings “Never Enough” by Loren Allred.
  • Kevin Xiao recites some voluptuous poetry.
  • Mary Kate plays some Disney songs on the violin.
  • Abby Comerford, Luke Jaskowski, and Lyndsey Plymon do some intense hamboning.
  • Matthew Summers does some hardcore rap.
  • Abby Comerford sings “We’re Going To Be Friends” by Jack White.
  • Brooks Martin announces that he is withdrawing.
  • Joshua Buchi sings “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan.
  • Alissa Ikner dances to “Stone Cold” by Demi Lavato and does a flip.
  • Noah Park sings “You’re Welcome” from Moana.
  • Scott Simpson sings something Canadian.
  • Halle Dantzler and Bree Kendrick sing something country.
  • Mark Rawls sings “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by The Proclaimers.
  • Isaac Jones raps something plausibly controversial.

I asked a few audience members their opinion of the event. Leanne Jeong stated, “It was very nostalgic and the perfect ending to my last open mic night.” One of Leanne’s favorite scenes was the well-choreographed hamboning done by Abby, Luke, and Lyndsey. Sarah Van Winkle said, “I liked it better than the auditorium because it encouraged people to both have a great time and catch some much-needed fresh air.”

Before Kevin gave his poem, I Do Eat the Peach, he gave quite an extensive introduction. It consisted of him using his poetry to earn an A in his speech class. As Kevin’s roommate, I have the honor of having conversations with Kevin that are as extensive as his introduction. They usually consist of pauses to think and better present the content he wishes to convey, which results in a lengthy discussion. The fact that Kevin had the courage and comfort to do this in front of a crowd, made his introduction sixteen times the length of his poem. Although it may have been a drawn-out introduction, it added to suspense to his act. Afterwards we spoke, and he told me that he should have included more.

An unusual encounter took place during open mic night. Two ladies, who seemed to be high school students, choose to spend their Friday night in the parking lot right across the street from Bedsole lawn. Upon arrival, they started dancing and running around. They ran away and changed into athletic clothes. They walked up to the fence and talked with some ASMS students, then proceeded to get into their car and watch the show. Although when the security guard, Mr. Patrick, walked out to ask them to leave, they appeared to rise up from the back seat or the trunk. Many audience members were very curious as to what they were doing. The girls drove away, but in a moment’s notice they were back, and they brought a guy who picked up a separate car in the parking lot. From which, all parties left the scene.

The night concluded with authority of the Mobile Police Force interrupting the traditional ending to open mic night (The Wobble) due to many reported noise complaints.

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